Mike Coppolino

The difference between Mike Coppolino and a crazy person is the two hundred dollars he got paid to be here. He does comedy on Bulgarian cruises, working the Black Sea circuit, the toughest places to be an entertainer, but he does it for money. Sometimes they make him kick wolf eels out of the fish chutes if he isn’t funny and they say “whaddya think we’re paying you for.” Mike Coppolino does DMT not Geography. He will be doing ‘comedy’ bits from his upcoming release ‘PRANKS! – The National Piano Movers Day Album’ at the Winter Park Comedy Festival at Cooper Creek Square June 2nd and 3rd. The album will be performed traditionally, as street comedy or ‘David Blaine style.


Friday June 2nd

2:00pm Street Comedy @ Cooper Creek Square

Saturday June 3rd

2:00pm Street Comedy @ Cooper Creek Square

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